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Communication And Planing Specialist

Dominican Republic   |   Contract

  • Manage internal communications output.
  • Prepare a strategic communication plan for company.
  • Execute steps within a certain time frame.
  • Work with marketing to publish timely company information, such as memos and company directives.
  • Ensure communication strategy is consistent and reflects the organization’s strategic vision.
  • Measure and present results of communication efforts.
  • Adjust communication plan as needed.
  • Suggest what information should be presented to employees.
  • Set timing of release to coordinate with company events or initiatives.
  • Support ideas with research and experience.
  • Refine core messaging to ensure organizational consistency in all aspects of communication including development, organizing, and education.
  • Ensure consistent framing of messages.
  • Publish videos and photography on company website and blogs.
  • Edit and revise content as necessary.
  • Ensure workers are engaged in company initiatives.
  • Edit, design, and print internal publications.

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