Delivery Management

Reporting Time Analyst

Dominican Republic   |   Full time
  • Develop and administrate reporting systems for WFM.
  • Assists with tracking, analyzing and reporting contact center and agent performance
  • Works WFM Department, WFM Manager, and internal resources to ensure data is collected to support monitoring, trending, and root-cause analysis of key business objectives for activities related to production management, including:
  • Ensuring the data described above is in a usable format for various levels of management and is distributed in timely manner.
  • Ensuring data/report integrity by developing and performing quality assurance (QA) functions & logic into reports to ensure accuracy of report data.
  • Interacting with internal customers to clarify report requests and determine report
  • Obtaining consensus and sign-off on reports based on specifications and business requirements.
  • Creating, modifying and/or enhancing existing reports and providing other types of data files as needed.
  • Participating in various meetings with teams to understand, document and execute on business requirements.
  • Documenting all information related to each report generated (code, process to run report, exactly how report is run, metric definitions, calculations, etc.).
  • Providing analysis of data in other systems and work with other groups to solve issues or operational reporting challenges.
  • Maintaining, updating and publishing daily/weekly/monthly WFM-related reports, and other reports as requested.
  • Performance Reports by Rep/Team for the call center.
  • Performs other related duties as directed by Manager
  • Assist on any action or active plan needed to improve floor performance.

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